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Direct Selling: A Rage across UK; Goes Digital in US


Direct Selling is a hot job among youngsters aged under 25 in Britain. According to a report, there is a remarkable growth of young entrepreneurs opting for Direct Selling as compared to other prevailing employments in the country. The report released in September 2015 by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) says that the Direct Sellers under 25 years of age have grown by nearly 16 percent since 2013. There has also been 30 per cent increase in the proportion of individuals accounting for an aggregate 104,000 who make their incomes solely by Direct Selling. The report was prepared based on survey of Direct Selling Association member companies.

The report reveals that party items ranging from wine to knickers now account for 35 percent of overall Direct Selling in the UK. This slice of the market has more than doubled from 14 percent five years ago, the report added. There is also a reason for the Direct Selling to grow in the country as people are increasingly opting for alternative sources of earnings, either to supplement their current income or to compensate their salary lost because of unemployment. Some 68,000 Direct Sellers (17%) now work full time (over 30 hours a week), according to the DSA, up 20,000 from since 2011. Going forward, several Direct Selling Companies have gone digital in the US in order to boost their sales. The companies, including Omnilife, have partnered with sales app solutions provider Fragmob to implement and support their mobile strategy. The app turns a sales representative’s smartphone into an immediate point of sale, a tracking system for orders, tracks progress from many angles and provides unprecedented analytics intelligence, etc. Omnilife brought out the first phase of its sales app on the Frag DS platform in December 2014). ivana, in November 2015, began to roll-out its Fragmob app available in the USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Direct Selling Companies in US are also increasingly opting social media as a tool to broaden their consumer base.

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