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IDSA Vision & Mission


To continuously work for Direct Selling towards brining recognition and making is one of the most sought & respected industries in India.


  • To enhance lives by sharing and protecting the Direct Selling opportunity for personal, professional and financial development.
  • To work towards a policy framework for Direct Selling with the Government and stakeholders.
  • To encourage and maintain an environment where members can operate independently, ethically and progressively, where Direct Selling is regarded with merit by the entire community.
  • To provide information and develoments on Direct Selling
  • To distinguish between legitimate Direct Selling and illegitimate / Fraudulent players
  • To address the concerns of Direct Selling entities, consumers and Industry stakeholders
  • To work towards creating awareness about Direct Selling
  • To act as a unanimous voice of the organised Direct Selling Industry
  • To act as a self-regulated, autonomus body, promotng the IDSA Code of Ethics and ensuring the member companies abide by the same