Summer 2015 promises to be scorcher. Want clean and hydrated skin in summers? Before the sun does its damage, arm yourselves with products that will quench your thirsting skin. Take your pick of the best summer proof skincare products to guard against all those irritants—breakouts, skin darkening, dryness, oiliness—you name it! Oriflame’s Love Nature Cleansing Gel is one such product that promises to keep your skin squeaky clean without drying it out.

Especially meant for sensitive skin, this cleansing gel works on your dry skin thoroughly and gives a cooling effect. Experts say, no matter whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, you shouldn’t skip the moisturizing step in your skin care routine. Selecting a suitable moisturizer is very important. While keeping this thought in mind, Oriflame has come up with this all skin type cleansing gel, which promises an effective and gentle miracle for your skin. The dramatic effect of the cleansing gel is visible on first use as it purifies the skin while deep cleansing. Specially meant for sensitive skin, the gel cools and soothes the skin instantly while keeping it hydrated. The organic tea tree oil works on the skin to purify the blemishes gently and acts as a cure for acne. It also removes dark spots and the skin is visibly lighter.

The gel is enriched with natural ingredients like pure organic tea tree and rosemary oil and these actively help in removing excess sebum, refreshing the face gently. The Love Nature Cleansing functions by removing dirt, oil, bacteria and lets your skin breathe naturally.

Our reviewer Adiba Ansari used the gel for one month and was visibly excited with the results. “I’ve been using this cleanser for one month now and the product does what it promises,” she said. Every summer, her acne problem gave her sleepless nights. This summer though she is happy to have found an effective product. “It’s very mild on my skin and I do not feel any dryness or discomfort. The acne outbreak too has been controlled. I think I am ready to face summer fearlessly now,” she exclaimed.

Ladies, time we reached for Love Nature Cleansing Gel Tea Tree! Team the cleanser with Love Nature Toner Tea Tree for a complete cleansing routine. The toner with natural ingredients defends your skin from the onslaught of environmental degradation you face every day. Try them!