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Who can become members of IDSA?

Membership Criterian

  • Any Direct Selling company having operations in India for more than one year in trading, manufacturing & distribuiting FMCG products.
  • If a company is into trading of products and does not manufacture/produce the products itself, then the company should either own the trade name/mark or have exclusive rights to sell and/or distribute those products.
  • If the company manufactures or produces the services by itself, then the product or service being offered is completely owned or controlled by the company (including manufacturing).
  • The methods of operation are fair and comply with the Model Code of Ethics and all relevant Indian legislation.
  • The company and its Promoters should be of sound financial standing.
  • The company must sign to abide by the Model Code of Ethics.
  • The company submits all fees as required by the Association.
  • The company must submit all required documents for scrutiny along with the completed application form.